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Orchid Care Tip of the month January

Question about location

Orchids are children of light. Each bright window sill in the warm living area provides optimal cultivation conditions for our orchid plants. However, extreme heat behind the windowpane and direct sunlight, which can cause leaf burns, should be avoided. Curtains, exterior and interior blinds or even a piece of paper help to slow down aggressive light. Only the northern windowsill and sometimes the eastern windowsill (weak morning sun) needs no shading.

Fresh, mild air is desired, whereas draft should be avoided. In the case of extreme, dry heating air are a water evaporator on the radiator or a window shell filled with expanded clay very helpful. They prevent growth increases and "accordion forming" at buds.

Of course, there are also very different demands on the location for the different genera, which you should definitely pay attention to. This is explained by the different natural occurrences of orchids.

In the Euonymus section you will find tips and basic information about the most common orchid types.

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