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Orchitop "S"

Orchitop S Set Orchideen

The new professional approach to cultivate your orchid is the Orchitop.

It is a vessel made up of many narrow parallel plastic rods that are close enough to hold the coarse-grained substrate firmly. But what was the idea of the inventors? This open cultivation system offers several advantages over a closed pot. One of them is, the rods are not a growth barrier, aerial roots can find their way and simply grow outward.

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ORCHITOP – Orchid vessel for professionals

Even the aeration of the substrate, which benefits orchids a lot when thriving, is much better than in a conventional pot. In addition, the casting is easy and casting mistakes can hardly happen. When the plant is watered in the Orchitop in a dipping bath, excess water flows off more quickly and the substrate dries up very quickly. In contrast to normal pots, you can now also water your orchid in the Orchitop like a normal houseplant from above or from below! The prerequisite for this, however, is that the substrate contains water-storing or water-withdrawing components.

Fill the coaster either with water from below or pour it into the substrate from above until the coaster is half full. The amount of water corresponds exactly to the volume that the orchid will consume until the next watering. Over the course of days, the water is gradually drawn upwards by the capillary forces of the substrate, so that the roots are always supplied with a small amount of moisture. Another small bonus of this casting method is the increased humidity caused by evaporating water from the planter. By the way, the fertilizer works as usual in this lattice pot by enriching the irrigation water with fertilizer solution.

No matter which orchid you have at home, the Orchitop is always the best choice, because all types, epiphytic and terrestrial, feel perfectly well. And because it not only allows it to stand up, but can also be hung thanks to the binder adapter set, it is just as wonderful for hanging varieties as it is for standing ones.