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Plant Protection

Plant protection for orchids

Orchid Plant protection

Like other houseplants, orchids are not immune to unpleasant pests, but thanks to effective plant protection products, vermin infestation is not a death sentence. It is important to handle incomprehensible, if the infestation is perceived, then the official plague can be dealt with the most in the following weeks.

A wide range of crop protection products against the rights of orchid pests are required in the trade, all of which are child's play. Many preparations have a broad spectrum of activity, taxes have to belong to which pests the active substance can have against which they are given.

Plant protection substances

Plant protection products can be based on Neem's own plant extract or on a synthetic active ingredient. Sometimes they are sprayed on, sometimes as granules. Many active ingredients are taken over by the plant and subsequently systemically, even from the inside, others from the pests through direct contact. One gold-plated for all preparations: They are carefully differentiated, they have to take care of toxic conditions. Follow the application instructions of the manufacture and the seal that means in environmental management.

Combination increase combat success. Some preparations can be combined, but the simultaneous use of yellow tablets and pesticides and the simple collection of the annoying beasts before applying insecticides or slug pellets helps to get rid of pests even faster.

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