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lycaste Orchideen Orchid

Lycaste often has very large flowers and is extremely durable. Lycaste skinneri is the national flower of Guatemala. 

Lycaste is a fairly small variety of orchids with species in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and the West Indies. This genus grows mainly epiphytically on rocks and trees but some species are also ground growing. With up to 15 cm in diameter, they have huge flowers in a variety of colors. While Lycaste likes to repel their old foliage, the flowers often last for weeks.

Special orchid care instructions for Lycaste (Lyc)

Lycaste needs more semi-shady to shady locations. In winter, however, in our latitudes, the bright place is the right one. Temperatures between 18 and 30 °C are very good. Throughout the year Lycaste likes to have a fairly even soil moisture. Even in winter, the substrate should never dry completely. Fertilize once a month in the growing season and it should not be fertilized in the winter months of November to February.

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Bifrenaria harrisoniae x Lycaste tricolor

Bifrenaria harrisoniae 'alba' x Lycaste Spring Scene

  • flower season: spring
  • temperature: cool - moderate (12 - 18 °C)
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