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Orchideen Aufbindhilfe


To emphasize epiphytic orchids or Tillandsia, they can be tied to trunks rather than lumped together. This comes very close to the natural growth of these orchids. It is best to use a piece of cork oak bark or bamboo trunks wrapped in coconut mats. Cork slabs or special pots can also be used.

Not only does it look great and it creates a certain jungle flair in the living room, but it also provides the plants with a comfortable surface to hold onto or even penetrate with the aerial roots. To provide moisture, the trunk or bark piece can either be sprayed or sprinkled with water. Practical: Excess water simply drips off and the risk of waterlogging is significantly reduced compared to pots. With the included hook, the trunk can be set up easily.


It is no coincidence that orchids are rarely found in clay pots but rather in plastic pots, because clay pots store the irrigation water, which in turn makes it difficult to regulate the moisture content of orchids.

However, exactly this water-saving property makes clay a great material again for orchid pots. How? By attaching the plant with the roots outside to a clay tube, which is suspended in the room. Water that is filled inside the tube can be absorbed through the roots.

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