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Repot orchids

Orchideen umtopfen - aus Gefäß nehmenOrchids regularly need to have fresh substrate and a large enough pot to keep them healthy and beautiful for a long time.

How often repot?

At least every two years, it is time to repot an orchid, as the substrate decomposes over time and damages the roots.

Why is repot necessary?

The substrate thickens, leaving the root poorly ventilated and permanently moist. At the same time, mineral salts are released by composting processes, which are harmful in too high an amount. In addition, the plant can not evolve if the pot is too small.

This is the case at the latest when the plant grows beyond the pot edge.

When is the best time to repot?

The increasing light radiation makes the spring at the optimal time to repot, because neutering and root growth are now particularly well stimulated.

Only in exceptional cases, when a plant is in very bad condition, may it be repotted in winter.


Instructions: Proper repot of orchids

Step 1 - Preparation

Step 1 - Preparation

When working with orchids, it is important to always use clean, as sterile a tool as possible.

The pots should best be new and knives carefully cleaned.

 Remove inflorescences and remove old substraten

Step 2 - Remove inflorescences and remove old substraten

First cut the inflorescences back completely and free the root system from the old earth.

This should no longer, not mixed, reused for orchid culture.

 Cut off rotten or dried root

Step 3 - Cut off rotten or dried roots

Cut off rotten or withered roots (recognizable by their soft or paper-like structure) and leave the plant on a newspaper pad for 24 hours to allow the interfaces to scarify.

Orchideen umtopfen - richtige Topfgröße wählen

Step 4 – Choose the new pot

The new pot should only be one size bigger than the old one, with too much space you do not do your orchid a favor.

It is best to choose a plastic pot because orchids in clay pots need to be poured too often. The aerial roots of the orchid now fit into the larger pot and, after some time in the substrate, transform into erdwohnende roots. After a long time, however, it can happen that the plant has formed many long aerial roots. If these are squeezed into the pot, it damages the roots, they can be confidently cut away.

Orchideen richtig umtopfen - mit frischem Substrat auffüllen

Step 5 - Fill with fresh substrate

Now the root spaces are filled up with fresh substrate until just below the edge of the pot, spread by lightly tapping and pressing and lightly cast. Since the quality of the planting material is crucial for the health of the orchid, you should always buy this from the orchid specialist.

Orchideen umtopfen - richtige Standort und gießen

Step 6 – The following weeks

In order for the plant to emerge stronger from the repotting, it is recommended to first pour sparingly and to fertilize lightly until new roots form.

The plant feels particularly well in the following weeks in a warm, shady place.

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