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Orchid Care Tip of the month July - Outdoor culture - yes or no?

Outdoor culture - yes or no?

There is actually no universal recipe for the optimal location of an orchid. The term orchid is far too general here, because these beautiful creatures are almost all over the world and every species has adapted to its natural location.

With the summer location, the expert means the appropriate place is in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. In general, you may put all hard-leaved bulb orchids outside. These are the most varieties of the genera Oncidium, Odontoglossum and their relatives and also Cattleya and Cymbidium. One exception is Miltonia, originally from Colombia. This is relatively sensitive and must not go outside. In contrast, the Brazilian spectabilis Miltonia Type is welcome to go outside. The best place for outdoor use is a partially shaded spot, if possible in the vicinity of trees and shrubs. These not only shade the plants optimally, but under their protection they can often also create a kind of "micro-climate".

But the most important effect is the excellent air circulation of the plants and the lowering of the temperature at night. In a small greenhouse or in the living area often very uniform temperatures prevail, which in turn does not promote the flower bud.

Absolutely not suitable for the garden or the balcony are e.g. Phalaenopsis and lady's slipper. These just need a consistent climate and do not like any too cool nights.

The best period for an outdoor culture of orchids is from early June to mid / late October. In any case, you should wait for the so-called Eisheiligen before you put orchids outside and expect from September even with slight night frosts. Watch out for the weather is very important for the outdoor culture.

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