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Aerides Aranthera Chaoraya Fire

Aerides belongs to the epiphytic growing orchids.

It comes originally from Southeast Asia with a focus on the Indian subcontinent and the Farther India. There are about 20 species in this genus. Aerides has a growth habit similar to that of Vanda / Ascocenda. Accordingly, the care is very similar. Aerides often has lovelyfragrant grape-like inflorescences..

Special orchid care instructions for Aerides (Cat's-tail orchids and fox brush orchid)

Aerides prefers a bright but not too sunny window. Temperatures up to 30 ° C and never below 15 ° C are optimal. You can cultivate Aerides very well as a hanging plant or in a glass like Vanda / Ascocenda. But it is also possible to get it used to very coarse, water-permeable and air-filled orchid substrate. waterlogging should always be avoided. The growth phase ranges from March to October. During this time a weak fertilization is necessary. Please use special fertilizer and fertilize with half of the recommended concentration.

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