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Tip of the month June - Light / temperature

Light / temperature

Orchids are children of light. They are always allowed at the brightest location of your apartment. However, one should be careful that the plants are not exposed directly to the sun in June, where the sun shines the brightest. For this purpose one should protect the plants in one way or another from the sun or simply remove them from the windowsill when the sun gets too strong. Temperature and high solar radiation go naturally. Excessive temperatures can be just as damaging to the leaves of an orchid. It focuses on evaporation protection and the metabolism is slowed down. That is, the growth of the plant is inhibited. Again, the sun from May, June should not be underestimated and the orchids should be shaded early!


1. No direct sunlight
2. Light shading
3. No splashing water on the leaves in high sunlight
(otherwise leaf burns)
4. Water the plant early in the morning
5. Increasing the humidity

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