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Orchid care tip of the month October - Plant protection

Plant protection

Orchids are less likely to be troublesome than other plant families afflicted.

Nevertheless, an infestation may occasionally occur by approach from outside or by contagion. Some pathogens are also omnipresent. Animal pests: The vast majority of the known tormentors, such as white fly, scale insect, louse, mealybug, aphids, leaf bug, cicada, thrips are comprehensively and sustainably fought with "Careo". Due to the systematic effect, the agent distributes itself via the roots over the entire plant. This also covers hidden living pests. Convenient application, little time, no switching. Best plant compatibility, also applicable to all other ornamental plants. Snails: With the professional as well as the plant friend a special annoyance, they leave nevertheless damaged places, which are visible for the whole plant life. They require a separate control method: snail grain, which is spread on the surface of the pots. The attractant of the grain leads to contact and absorption and thus to destruction. Leaf diseases: usually caused by fungal infection. Of sufficient effect and high tolerability, the remedy "Polyram-WG" or "Baymat-Rosen Pilzfrei" is recommended.

General advice

  • Ongoing control of plants.
  • Timely use of control measures at the slightest sign.
  • repeat application, max. 3 times.
  • Follow recommendation and comply exactly. These funds are available from us. Further details on crop protection issues in the VDOB brochure "Orchids, interesting facts, biodiversity, care" at a price of 4.50 euros.

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