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Wilsonara is a very variable Intergeneric Hybrid. There are both large-flowered varieties and small-flowered "Multiflowers".

Wilsonara combines the best qualities of the following genera: Odonttoglossum x Cochlioda x Oncidium. The official abbreviation for this genus is Wils. Some of the most beautiful varieties are Wils. Intermezzo (bright red and small-flowered, many flowers on a stem), Wils. Stirling Tiger (bright yellow with orange-brown marks).

Special orchid care instructions for Wilsonara

Wilsonara prefers a temperate and partially shaded location. Temperatures between 16 and 18 °C are ideal. Only diluted liquid orchid fertilizer should be used. Tip: Always use half of the concentration stated on the packaging. Although most Intergeneric Hybrids usually bloom in the short-term season, plant growth is important. The more shoots the plant makes, the more flower stalks it can have.

Wilsonara Intermezzo 'Wild Court'

Wilsonara Intermezzo 'Wild Court'

  • flower season: autumn winter
  • temperature: moderate (16 - 20 °C)
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