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Paphiopedilum lowii -In Vitro- (20-25 Pflanzen in sterilem Glas)

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20-25 Paphiopedilum Jungpflanzen in sterilem Glasgefäß. In jedem Gefäß sind ca. 20 Jungpflanzen, bereit zum Auspikieren.

Additional Information

Artikel-Nr. ORB0041
light/location shady
temperature moderate - warm (18 - 22 °C)
watering No
Fertilization No
plant size small seedlings (minimum 20 plants in a sterile glas)
pot size steriles Glasgefäß
flower season spring - summer
flower size 9-14 cm
parents/origin Malaysia, Borneo
info multi flower orchid

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