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Orchid Care Tip of the month March - Waterin

Orchid Care Tip - Watering

Watering is of the utmost importance for good plant growth, especially for orchids. After restrained watering in low-light winter months, the waterings may slowly be intensified from March.

General rule: one or two times a week pour evenly over the earth. Water should penetrate the earth. Remove excess water from the saucer or planter. Rainwater, boiled or filtered tap water (use Brita plant filter). Room warm plants in orchid soil substrate do not need to be sprayed extra. Mounted orchids, those in baskets entirely without substrate, are to be sprayed. For dry heating in winter and on warm summer even daily, otherwise a little less. A humidifier can be very useful. For plant nutrition see fertilize.


Orchids have never been dehydrated, and most orchids are cast to death. Pour slightly more in the flowering phase.

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