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Orchid Care Tip of the month December - What to do during and after flowering?

What to do during and after flowering?

In the bud and flower stage, the plant needs slightly higher watering to develop and maintain than otherwise. Better developed and more durable flowers are the result. Drafts during flowering are detrimental.

Recommendation for Phalaenopsis:

Timely withered stalks shorten two thirds from the top. That is two thickenings (so-called resting eyes) can be.
The result is that one or more of these below-the-surface, resting eyes can drive out and form into new secondary panicles. That means, you get after 3 to 5
Months additional flowers in the same year.

For all other orchids, flowered stems are cut as low as possible.

Attention: leave leaves and bulbs undamaged! Please reduce the watering to normal after blooming.
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