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Orchid Care Tip of the month February

Recirculation – drafts

Good air is vital not only for us humans, but also our plants always need fresh air for a prosperous growth. The air in closed rooms is consumed and overheated too quickly. Consumed because you have temporarily deprived the plants of CO2 (carbon dioxide) for the most important growth process in the leaf (photosynthesis) and the supplementation with CO2 can only be done by airing.

Daily airing will bring your plants to their best growth. But beware: draft is to be avoided! It is really just about a fundamental air exchange. Also in winter the air could be too frosty. Then just open the window a small gap. And let's be honest: is not human well-being dependent on the daily ventilation of our apartment? Another tip: Have you ever tried to put green plants such as Benjamin, Philodendron, Yucca or your orchids outside for the summer, e.g. to a sheltered terrace place? Maybe expose the plants to the rain? You will be surprised; Your plants will flourish!

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