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Orchid Care Tip of the month September - Absence times of the orchid owner

Absence times of the orchid owner

How often does the question arise, can I (may I) sometimes go away, e.g. on vacation and indeed longer than a week? Dog and cat are brought to acquaintances or relatives or they come temporarily to the shelter. And my orchids? Who takes them?
Strictly speaking, there are hardly any more suitable plant families that can get away without harm in the absence of the owners. Maybe cacti. Well, most of the deceased orchids were shed, dead. Because when the family, tanned after two or three weeks, returns from their holidays, they receive their apartment key and - oh, horrible - the mischief. Well, she meant it the neighbor's wife, every 2 to 3 days always on top, according to the motto "Much helps a lot"! Just the opposite is the case.

Immediately pour vigorously just before the journey begins, all around, penetrating. Housing keys handed over with the strict instruction to touch the watering can again only after one week. In the absence between April and September for safety reasons partial shade (may be permanent) and does not have to be constantly changed during this time.

In the warm season also ventilate, that does the plants well. Even if you should be "world champion" in plant spraying ?! During your vacation, your plants will sometimes be without. And please, at this time no experiments with fertilizer! Only pure water, once a week. The plants can live for three weeks without. The neighbor wants to know it better, namely better and the fertilizer is guaranteed wrong. So then, off on vacation. You deserve it. This time, you travel without worries about your orchids, if you have followed well-meaning advice from your orchid gardener.

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