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Phalaenopsis gigantea

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Phalaenopsis giganteaPhalaenopsis gigantea
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  • Phalaenopsis gigantea
  • Phalaenopsis gigantea im Kürbel
  • Phalaenopsis gigantea Nahaufnahme
  • Phalaenopsis gigantea Nahaufnahme Blühten
  • Phalaenopsis gigantea Nahaufnahme Blühten

Product Details

Origin of the name

It cannot be overlooked why this species is called “giant phalaenopsis”. Their fleshy waxy flowers grow larger than all other phalaenopsis species. The thick leathery leaves can reach over half a meter in length.

Attention space requirements

Only those who have a lot of space at home can buy this copy, because the window sill is quickly too small as a location. A small platform on which it is free or a hanging device in which it can spread out on all sides is the better choice.

Demanding orchid

But not only because of their space requirements, this type can only be found in a few at home. It is one of the more demanding orchids that require patience and are therefore more recommended for more experienced orchid owners.

They grow slowly, sometimes it takes years for them to bloom for the first time and buds open in slow motion. But once they are in bloom, they delight their owners with the most beautiful flowers that smell delicate. The characteristic pied flowers make them popular

Additional Information

Artikel-Nr. PHA0034N
light/location shady
temperature warm (20 - 24 °C
watering Pour every 7 days
Fertilization every 14 days with special orchid fertilizer
plant size nearly mature plant
pot size 15 cm
flower season summer - autumn
flower size 6 cm
parents/origin Borneo
info No

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